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Facebook sharing = off? Check

I think, for the time being, it’s best that we keep this between us. No need inviting others over, at least not now. My mood has been so sour over the last few weeks that I have all but stopped posting on the social media because if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all and others have problems and the universe doesn’t revolve around me and I’m not that important and comma.

Work continues to be, in a word, dumb. Say it out loud dumb. Hard emphasis on the ‘b’ dumb. It’s like I’m the only one there and I have some weird, contagious disease that is keeping everyone away. I have more open support cases than anyone else, and there isn’t anything I can do on any of them to close them. Neat!

This week has been particularly trying. I’m on call and our east coast guy was out on an install all week. That means Thursday and Friday my day started at 5am. Luckily, on Friday, my day didn’t end until 7:30 and I only had the chance to eat 3 pieces of pizza all day. So, cranky.

Saturday was easy. Only 1 call that I was able to fix over the phone. Spent the day doing chores and junk, and decided to go on a night time club run to see Christmas lights. I was looking for that ever elusive holiday spirit. I was unable to find it last night because I got lost during the run, just as I did the year before. Yay consistency! I tried to contain the cranky and instead of taking my ball and going home, I went to the end location and waited for everyone to finish.

Sadly, I was joined by a kid that made 2 mistakes.

  1. He parked his not a MINI next to my MINI, and I had parked in such a way that others could line up next to me for a neat photo op. Everyone loves photos of lines of MINIs
  2. He spoke

I tried my best to behave, but I failed. Snapped at him (dick move #1) and took my ball and went home (dick move #2). He apologized, I apologized and ate dinner at 8pm.

It’s like I’m on my period or something, but it has lasted for months. And, I’m a dude, so, weird. I’m not seeing a light at the end of this particular tunnel, so I’m going to be spending some more time keeping to myself until I think I can behave in public again.

You and me I have a feeling we are going to be close.

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