Another First

I felt my face go numb while I was breathing through the mask. The next thing I remember is waking up and talking to a recovery nurse with one of the most epic beards I have ever seen.

I’ve had this bump on my head for about 15 years. It was inherited by family and when I got it, I didn’t have insurance to have it looked at. As it grew and my hair loss increased, I have been reminded that it should be removed.

I finally booked an appointment with a doctor to have it looked at and removed. The doc says he can remove it right there in the office, but with its size and age, he was afraid of the scar that would be left behind, dead center in the top of my head. The decision was made to surgically remove it.

I’ve never had surgery before. And while this barely counts (think of it as a more aggressive lancing with a touch of cosmetic after), all of the steps are still the same. I checked in at the hospital and answered all of the questions they asked. I saw the OR prep nurse who got me into a gown and some pretty fancy socks. Then the admitting nurse with her questions (hospitals are concerned with allergies). Then more people asking my name and birth date and more about what I’m allergic too.

The OR nurse hooked me up with air bags for my legs and one for my arm. Checked the IV lines (oh yea, there are IVs) and made sure all of my stuff was securely stowed under the gurney. I had the EKG tech check my heart rate and rhythm (both exactly perfect) before the doctor stopped by with any questions, as did the anesthesiologist.

The nurse rolled me through the surgical unit to the room where my procedure would be done, got me on the table and got me in the correct position. Then, it was go time, mask on the face, chin up, breathing deeply. I think I took about 10 breaths from the mask before I felt my face get numb.

I’m fine. My head is currently wrapped with a compression bandage that looks like a super ghetto bandana. I’m in about as much pain as I had with the bump if I wore a hat for a day. I have been put on the DL for 7 days as well, which I’m a little annoyed with because I can’t ride, but doctors orders are doctors orders. The bandage comes off later today to be replaced with something smaller and a comfy hat (so as not to gross people out). Calling the doc on Tuesday to make an appointment for stitches to be removed. I’ll probably ride on this day too, just be cool and don’t say anything, ok?

The Heat Really Slows Things Down

Arizona has been enjoying record heat lately. I’m sure you have heard about it on the news already. It’s all perfectly fine and I’m not complaining #becausedesert. The heat does have a tendancy to slow things down, myself included.

I’m managing to ride on days where the temp hits 110+, but that’s only because I’m riding before 10:00, before the thermometer reaches 104 (I can’t ride if it’s warmer). I’ve been lucky this weekend and managed to get out yesterday at 90 and today just at 100. Today was the shorter ride of the two, but I was still out for 30 minutes. 

I did take a week off last week. Not on purpose, it just worked out that way. No real exercise for a week. Got back to it this week and some how I have managed to drop 3lbs on the scale, to 215. I’m not sure how long that will last because the last 2 weeks also included me barely even having a single beer.

If beer costs me 3lbs, for now, I’ll take it!

Keep on Keeping On


18 months later we find our hero still riding at least twice a week and hitting the gym at least once a week. Usually more on both counts, but not always. We also find the the diet has been relatively consistent, both for quality and quantity (except that night last week at Espo’s, but we are chalking that up to whatever). Alcohol consumption is also down from a few months ago.

The best I have seen on the scale is 212.5. I was able to maintain that for a solid 2 weeks before it started creeping back again. I have been at 218 now for at least 6 months, rarely wavering more than 2lbs in either direction. With the added trips to the gym, I’m really starting to see some good results that make me proud of what I am accomplishing.

I started at 300 and couldn’t take a solid walk around the block without huffing and puffing and getting drenched in sweat. Now, I can ride for 20 miles without a break (I have done 32 with a break) and have even managed to start working on one of my original goals of running a 10 minute mile, having gotten back to the 13 minute mark on the tread mill.

I’m finally starting to realize that I’m no longer a fat guy. All of my XXL shirts and other ill-fitting pieces of clothing have been donated and I have been upgrading my closest. Shirts are now size large or XL, depending on if they are cut wide enough for my shoulders. pants are at a 36 waist and a belt is needed, down from a 40-42.

Just need to keep these things in mind, focus on the big picture. I’ve been slacking in that department lately. Just need to keep on keepin’ on.

Bike Notes and Vacation

Thoughts I have while riding my bike.

  1. You need to expect a headwind when riding. From all directions.
  2. Cyclists on the canal paths don’t wave unless they aren’t wearing gear that costs more than your bike.
  3. If it doesn’t hurt, just a little, you are in the wrong gear.
  4. If there are children, animals or old people on the path in front of you, at the last minute they will move to be directly in your path. Plan accordingly.
  5. You will never bring enough water. Plan accordingly.
  6. People in cars are idiots and don’t know how to deal with bicycles.
  7. It’s ok to stop.

I’m a goal missing fool lately. Was hoping to see 210 on the scale by the end of May. Missed it. Adjusted to make that weight by my birthday, missed that as well. Wanted to ride my age by my birthday, I’m still pushing for that to be completed by the end of the month, even if it’s in KM instead of miles.

Again, I am reminded how much I am affected when I skip my rides or exercise. Taking vacation (sitting by the pool, drinking cocktails, eating good food, not exercising) was what I really needed mentally, but it did affect me physically. I’m back on track and should be clocking just over 50 miles on the bike this week. Next week I’m back at the gym.