Outside my comfort zone

It’s time.

Actually, it’s been time for quite some time. It’s the math, try to keep up.

This past weekend, besides drinking more than I usually do during a trip to Vegas, I managed to actually try some new things. Things that usually make me uncomfortable and/or anxious. I think I did ok, but, like I mentioned, I did drink quite a bit.

New places x4 from Friday to Tuesday. All times with people who I don’t really know. Definitely a place that is way out of my wheelhouse. While I wasn’t influencing friends or creating enemies, I think I did pretty ok for the most part.

I’m not a shy person, usually, but I’m slow to talk to people who I don’t know. Sure, I can stand in front of large groups of people I don’t know and talk about whatever topic you give me 24 hours to prepare for. That’s easy. But with new people in a social environment, I’m oddly uncomfortable. Luckily, I had friends there to back me up with the new people.

It’s probably part of me not liking to be where I’m not invited. If we haven’t talked about that before, don’t worry, it’s bound to be a topic of discussion at some point in time.

Anyway, new places. New people. I had a great time. I guess I will try that again.

I Rule

I just wanted to let you all know that when answering support calls, I have heard much praise about Don and his customer service. Many callers ask for him personally because they say he is so efficient and thorough.

See, I keep telling you guys.

This is What I Mean

Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the entrepreneur, the linchpin and maker of change might be, “love what you do.”

If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we’re going to do important work.


I’ve been having a hard time finding the correct words lately. The correct words to describe why I am so miserable with my current day job. Leave it to Seth to come up with barely two paragraphs that say exactly what I have been thinking.

I think people are confused. They maybe think I’m lazy or have some bullshit sense of entitlement. That’s not the case at all. I’m far from afraid of hard work. I don’t think anyone owes me anything. I never expect any kind of special treatment. I am truly not happy. Not only do I not love what I do, but it’s such a time suck, such killer to my self esteem, that I don’t even love what I love to do any more. I can’t be bothered and, frankly, just don’t care.

I’ve never been in a rut this bad, and I was an unemployed single father for 4 years. At least then I was happy. I was broke, but happy. I’m practically broke now, but it’s not making me happy. Nothing makes me happy anymore.

I need a change.

A Good Week

2 weeks ago I finished a pretty brilliant 2 week vacation. This week is my third consecutive week of work without a day off, finishing on Sunday for a grand total of 21 days worked. In a row. Without a day off. I’m sour as you can expect. Lacking in motivation. Feeling beat. But, at least last week I managed to do ok.

I was on call last week (just like this week and the week before it seems), but I managed to sneak out of the house 3 nights and I’m glad I did. Drank and cussed more than I should have, but I got to catch up with all of my friends and remembered one of the main reasons I really like Arizona.

To those of you that say any of the following:

  1. Yea, but you got two weeks off.
  2. If you were in business for yourself, 21 days would be a vacation.

Because I got two weeks off, does that justify having to work 21 consecutive days without a day off? Besides being illegal someplace I’m sure, it’s bad practice and makes it feel like they are trying to get me to quit. Something I will be bringing up with my boss this week in fact.

And, if I were working for myself, I would gladly work all the days in a row, because it would be doing something I enjoy, something I would be passionate about. Not sitting on a phone walking people through restarting their computer.

Anyway, I had a few good days in there. That has to stand for something.