Bad Excuses

Do you ever wish you could go back in time because you have a thought that would have fit perfectly about 2 hours earlier?

Had my 6 month performance review at work this week. Sure it was almost a month late, but at least it was done. Scored out of 5, I was expecting mostly 2s and 3s. Imagine my shock when I saw mostly 4s with only a few 3s. You can image quite a lot of shock. I think my mouth might have opened wide enough to gasp, but I’m not really sure.

My review was after the other tech’s. His took about 15 minutes, maybe 20. Mine took an hour. Discussed were several things, but after I heard “but everyone has had to do it” for the 4th time, I had to say something. For the record, that is, quite possibly, the worst excuse, unless you are talking to grunts that just spent 72 hours marching in the rain and mud during Marine boot camp. That is the only case where that is a valid excuse.


Friends, I’m glad you asked. If I bring up something that has to be done, repeatedly, and is if very unpleasant as agreed by everyone, then we can assume it is very unpleasant. To say that everyone has had to do tells me that you don’t really find it that unpleasant, or find pleasure in the fact that everyone is as miserable as you once had to be. To say that everyone has had to do it is also inconsiderate. It tells me that you don’t care. Don’t care about the work you do, don’t care about those you manage.

Yep, I said something. Did it help? Probably not. Did it make me feel better? Yes.

That should never be an excuse. If you do something that could cause that to be an excuse, then it’s time to make some changes. Time to staff up, time to change procedures, time to get some training in. Time to make a change. Not doing so is the lazy way out and, really, it’s time you find something else to do. We can all smell the burnout on you.

Going to bed, angry

I had to put myself back into hiding this week. I have had way to much anger to be any good to anyone.

I’ve been making an attempt to not let it get to me, but it keeps getting worse.

I can’t get a new job while I’m in the new one, and I can’t quit.

Currently, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I should have expected nothing less

Another glorious weekend on call. One of my most favorite things, clearly, as you are about to find out. The company that I’m working for is the poster child for poor customer service.

Earlier today, get a call. I was able to determine the root cause of the issue and correct it. After the fix, the customer needed another piece taken care of that happens on the server side. Normally, half of it I would be able to take care of with a custom tool, but this particular customer is not setup in that tool. So, I contact the team responsible for that side of the shop in an effort to get some assistance.

This all starts at 10:30a. I’m typing this at 8:00p and just got a call back from the person that can help with this particular issue.

10.5 hours.

Our weekend service level for customers with non-emergency issues is roughly 4 hours if I remember correctly. It might be 6. This is what the kids would call and epic fail.

Time for me to go. I’m going to spend the weekend looking for my balls so I can actually give notice on Monday.