In the 6 weeks that ends this Sunday, I have been on call for 18 days. That’s almost 50% of the last 42 days I have been on call. And I was on vacation for 14 of those. Yea, I hate this fucking job.

A Good Week

2 weeks ago I finished a pretty brilliant 2 week vacation. This week is my third consecutive week of work without a day off, finishing on Sunday for a grand total of 21 days worked. In a row. Without a day off. I’m sour as you can expect. Lacking in motivation. Feeling beat. But, at least last week I managed to do ok.

I was on call last week (just like this week and the week before it seems), but I managed to sneak out of the house 3 nights and I’m glad I did. Drank and cussed more than I should have, but I got to catch up with all of my friends and remembered one of the main reasons I really like Arizona.

To those of you that say any of the following:

  1. Yea, but you got two weeks off.
  2. If you were in business for yourself, 21 days would be a vacation.

Because I got two weeks off, does that justify having to work 21 consecutive days without a day off? Besides being illegal someplace I’m sure, it’s bad practice and makes it feel like they are trying to get me to quit. Something I will be bringing up with my boss this week in fact.

And, if I were working for myself, I would gladly work all the days in a row, because it would be doing something I enjoy, something I would be passionate about. Not sitting on a phone walking people through restarting their computer.

Anyway, I had a few good days in there. That has to stand for something.

Because of the car I drive, my life is pretty ok and filled with some really great people.

Because of a car.

Goals, part 17

This started at the beginning of the year with me wanting to run 1 mile in 10.x minutes. Due to back issues, that goal was trashed (my best was 11.x). Then, because bicycle, I have created a few new goals. While I haven’t hit them yet, I’m pretty damn close. Overall I’m very pleased with myself, especially since I’ve only been riding for about 3 months.

Most recently, I was hoping for my scale to read 225lbs before July 26th. I was able to get 229. Yesterday, I saw 222. Goal completed, but 2 weeks late. I’m ok with that.

Yesterday I set myself a challenge to complete this ride.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.41.47 PM

Before this morning, my longest ride was just over 15 miles. After this morning, my longest ride is now 17.21 miles. I was too early in attempting this distance, especially since I did not ride for the previous 2 weeks. I completed it, but it was far from easy and I will be reverting back to shorter rides (7-12 miles) to build my endurance back up.

Next goal? Before the end of September complete a 20 mile ride and by October 1st have my scale say 215. I’ve got “by the end of the year” goals too, assuming I hit these. Here goes nothing.

A Quick Heads Up

Hello new followers. Just a quick note to explain to you what you might actually encounter here on my blog.

  1. This is my personal blog. My journal. It’s therapeutic in nature, much like the journal you might have stashed between your mattress and box spring and got really mad when your kid brother found it. I don’t share it out to the rest of the internet (made that mistake once). I write here because I have a severe dislike of paper.

  2. Besides personal, it might get a little dark. I’ll use cuss words. It might get negative. It might have pictures of food or my bike or this little screw driver I have on my desk.

  3. No comments necessary. With this blog, I’m not looking for attention or to “start a conversation” or “whatever social media buzzword you can think of”.

If you go through the other posts here, you will see what I am talking about. But, unlike anything else I do on the mighty internets, this one is just for me. I appreciate that you are along for the ride, but it’s at your own peril.